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Since 2007, Deborah has been working with children suffering from cancer, helping them and their care-givers alleviate the fear, anxiety, and stress arising from serious illness, and to better understand the need to cleanse and nourish the physical body as an integral part of the healing process.
She also helps people recover from the trauma of natural disasters. Having lived through three major local earthquakes, herself, she now helps those around her navigate through and triumph over the inevitable emotional and physical aftermaths of sudden traumatic events.

Sobre mí


Easing pain and emotional distress in children and adults, whether from an illness or a traumatic event, is what drives Deborah’s unshakeable devotion to supporting those who are suffering with tools to navigate and self-empower – creating hope and well-being.


Anxiety and panic attacks, self-esteem, stress, chronic pain and cancer, traumas (childhood and adult)


Rubi 108ª, Lomas del Creston, Oaxaca Oaxaca, México CP 68048

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